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A Year in Reading 2022

This year hasn't been my best reading year but these are the books I most enjoyed and recommend this year. I would love to know what other people recommend too.


Oh William and Lucy By The Sea - Elizabeth Strout (have loved all of the Lucy Barton books without exception) Crossroads - Jonathan Franzen Three Floors Up - Eshkol Nevo More Than I Love my Life - David Grossman Light Perpetual - Francis Spufford Night Bitch - Rachel Yoder The Morning Star - Karl Ove Knausgard The Exhibitionist - Charlotte Mendelsson Motherhood - Sheila Heti Foster - Claire Keegan Mothering Sunday - Graham Swift French Braid - Anne Tyler

Short Fiction:

Seven Good Years - Etgar Keret The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land - Omer Friedlander What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank - Nathan Englander Hearts and Bones - Niamh Mulvey My Body and Other Parties - Carmen Maria Machado Send Nudes - Saba Sams


Inheritance - Dani Shapiro When Breath Becomes Air - Paul Kalanithi Mother's Boy - Howard Jacobson 4000 Weeks - Oliver Burkeman Rodinsky's Room - Rachel Lichtenstein Free, Coming of Age at the End of History - Leah Ypi The Cost of Living, Things I don't want to know, Real Estate - Deborah Levy Bittersweet - Susan Cain

I'm always looking for recommendations so do share.

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Feb 22

Howja like todo lottsa gobbsa

artsy-fartsy after our demise?

yooNeye definately can;

we can do anything and

everyth'n VanGogh's 'starry sky'

for E T E R N I T Y, gorgeous!!

Here's how, miss adorable:

● ●

Love you. Cya soon.

Dominus Vobiscum

(Latin: peace BwU)

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