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My favourite books of 2021

2021 was a great reading year for me. Although I still miss my commute and the time it gave me to read, I have found ways to fit reading into my day every day.

I read absolutely loads and have started a scoring system where I score every book out of 5. All of the books you see on this list, scored above 3.5.

Lying Life of Adults - Elena Ferrante Our Souls at Night - Kent Haruf Cassandra at The Wedding - Dorothy Baker Single, Carefree, Mellow - Katherine Heiny (I got really into short stories this year and these were my favourite) Maybe You Should Talk To Someone - Lori Gottleib The Lake Shore Limited - Sue Miller The Dutch House - Ann Patchett Shuggie Bain - Douglas Stuart Nobody Will Tell You This But Me - Bess Kalb Writers and Lovers - Lily King Mayflies - Andrew O'Hagan The Country Girls Trilogy - Edna O'brien Mr Wilder and Me - Jonathan Coe Small Things Like These - Claire Keegan In Bloom - by my wonderful friend Cordelia Feldman The Poetry Pharmacy and Poetry Pharmacy Returns - really comforting and great selections of poetry for any occasion and mood.

If I had to only pick one, I would pick Bess Kalb, which made me cry and laugh many times over.

Please share your recommendations too so I can build my 2022 list. As you can tell I read basically no non-fiction but am always open to ideas - and am especially keen this year to read more poetry, short stories and memoir.

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