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Published Work

A selection of published work

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Happy Seedful Day in the anthology Passageway published by Sans Press

July 2023

Algorithm for Life published in A Thin Slice of Anxiety

11 July 2022

Back In The Day published in Oranges Journal

23 June 2022

If you put it like that, then maybe published in Carte Blanche

20 December 2022

Darcheinu published in Jewish Fiction

December 2022

Whatever You Do, Make it Count published in Mid Level Management

27 August 2022

My Friend Who is Made of Gold published in Roi Faneant Press

21 August 2022

Warm Days Will Never Cease published in Scrawl Place

15 November 2022

Go, For Yourself published in Lilith Magazine

10 November 2022

The Writer Tries to Address Her Origins published in Janus Literary

2 August 2022

Blind Date at the Natural History Museum Bergen

22 August 2023

The Death of the Author published in 3am Magazine

1 November 2022

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